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Angel Power Therapy

What is Angel Power Therapy?

Angel Power Therapy was created by Belinda Womack, the 12 Archangels of the Central Soul and the White Light and Sound Community to assist all those who desire to manifest a new reality in daily life.

Angel Power Therapy focuses on bringing awareness to what is missing in your life and teaching you how to ask and to receive all you need and desire directly from Mother Father God.

The therapist will help you to detach from the drama so that you can recognize where you are still manifesting the wounds of the past in the present moment.  You are then gently escorted through profound healing of the unconscious, subconscious and conscious levels of thought and emotion.  This healing facilitates the wellness of the physical body as well as the reawakening of your own spiritual gifts of intuition and connection to the Child of God who lives within your heart.

Angels help us to manifest miracles in the areas where we need them the most.  Angel Power Therapy will help you identify where you need miracles and how to change the most impossible situations in your life.  After all, you create your own reality.  Are you ready to create the freedom, love and abundance of Heaven in you everyday life?




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