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By providing you a safe place where you can discuss your problems, fears or joys in life, we can understand and cope with life in general together.

Going through any type of life's transitions i.e. divorce, illness, death, birth, blended families, adultery, aging parents, insecurities, employment issues etc. can be very difficult. With abilities to see, hear and communicate with Angels, Spirits and Guides, we can work on the issues that are difficult for you to handle at this time.

All services are provided confidentially and are
 always non judgemental.

Member of Holistic Business Association

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Much Love, Healing & Prayers,  Connie


Psychic Medium

Intuitive & Spritutal Counselor



Negative Thought-form Removal

Angel Power Therapy

EMF Balancing

Reiki Master

Massage Therapy

Chakra Balancing

Tarot Card Readings

Gateway Meditations

Astrological Studies



Ghost Hunting

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